Phoenix Psychology in Honiley nr Kenilworth: the largest independent provider of psychological services in the Midlands.

Phoenix Psychology Group is an independent provider of psychological services in the Midlands and operates from Phoenix House in Honiley nr Kenilworth, Warwickshire and Cornwall Buildings, Birmingham.

Family law

The Family Court deals with matters of family law which include public law childcare proceedings (e.g. applications for care or supervision orders for children deemed to be at risk, usually brought by Local Authorities) and private law cases (e.g. disputes between parents concerning contact or care of their children).

Phoenix Psychology Group and its Directors have been operating in Family Law for over 20 years and have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by families and professionals alike. Dr Gillett has been the Mental Health Specialist on the Family Justice Council since 2008 and has been involved with many national developments during this period including the introduction of standards for experts and as such the Phoenix Psychology Group is on the cutting edge of Family Law Practice.  Over the years we have attracted and trained a large number of psychological practitioners with a high level of skill, expertise and experience in carrying out assessments to inform Family Court proceedings. We are able to conduct assessments, produce formal reports and provide oral evidence relating to a range of issues relevant to Family Court proceedings, including:

  • Parenting capacity – including the impact of issues such as learning disability, mental health issues, substance misuse
  • Parenting / relationship difficulties
  • Attachment assessments
  • Children’s emotional and psychological needs and functioning
  • Family functioning and dynamics
  • Assessment of risk
  • Domestic violence and abuse (including sexual, emotional and physical)
  • Rejecting children, 'Parental alienation' and contact difficulties

Cognitive assessments within family proceedings

Phoenix Psychology Group offer a formal assessment of cognitive functioning which covers a range of areas such as verbal and non-verbal skills, memory, speed of processing and adaptive skills. In the case of Family Law a detailed Cognitive Assessment report will be provided within two weeks of the assessment appointment and recommendations can be made as to how professionals may support any areas of difficulty, with particular reference to the demands of family proceedings.

Capacity assessments within family proceedings

Phoenix Psychology Group offer a specific assessment of an individual’s capacity to conduct proceedings and to instruct a Solicitor in family cases. In addition to undertaking all the elements of a Cognitive Assessment, a Psychologist will ask a range of interview questions around how the client understands their current situation and the care/child protection proceedings to formulate an opinion whether they have capacity to conduct a particular case. Phoenix Psychology Group offer an efficient service; a detailed report will be provided within two weeks of the assessment appointment and in the event that the client is assessed as not having capacity a Certificate can be provided within two working days.