Phoenix Psychology in Honiley nr Kenilworth: the largest independent provider of psychological services in the Midlands.

Phoenix Psychology Group is an independent provider of psychological services in the Midlands and operates from Phoenix House in Honiley nr Kenilworth, Warwickshire and Cornwall Buildings, Birmingham.

HEWM - Health Education West Midlands

The Phoenix Psychology Group is the provider of psychological assessment and therapy for Doctors and Dentists in training within the Health Education West Midlands (HEWM) region. Trainees may be referred after consultation with the Professional Support Unit (PSU) or may self refer to Phoenix directly. All services are funded by HEWM and are therefore free at point of use. The current model is based on an assessment plus five therapy sessions.

Where possible, trainees will be offered an initial assessment session within ten working days of referral. This ninety-minute appointment is with a HCPC Registered Clinical or Counselling Psychologist and aims to assess and formulate the trainee’s psychological needs and agree an appropriate form of intervention if required. The assessment will be summarised in a brief letter which for PSU referred trainees will normally be shared with the PSU. Information regarding self-referred clients will only be shared if there is clear evidence following risk assessment of serious, imminent and/or likely harm to self or others. Therapy sessions can be offered with a Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and/or Psychiatrist depending on individual need.