Phoenix Psychology in Honiley nr Kenilworth: the largest independent provider of psychological services in the Midlands.

Phoenix Psychology Group is an independent provider of psychological services in the Midlands and operates from Phoenix House in Honiley nr Kenilworth, Warwickshire and Cornwall Buildings, Birmingham.


A Psychological Assessment involves a meeting with a Psychologist who will have been asked to address a set of particular questions that a psychological perspective can assist with. A psychological assessment will involve meeting with a psychologist who will ask you questions about personal history, family, education, relationships, life experiences and discussion of health issues or particular difficulties encountered. As such, the Psychologist will need to have read previous assessment reports, background information (including health and Social Care records) and details of the difficulty. As with all work undertaken by Psychologists all such information is treated as confidential and in a respectful manner as this enables the Psychologist to develop a working formulation of the issues and difficulties. Often, although not exclusively, assessment involves psychometric tests which are specifically designed to measure particular things. These can include tests of particular abilities (eg thinking, memory or reading) or questionnaires linked to how an individual might typically respond to certain situations.


Forensic work is focused upon offending behaviour or behaviour likely to lead to offending. In particular forensic work involves detailed consideration of the history of offending behaviour, or behaviour that might have led into or supported offending. As such, alongside other historic information Forensic work requires the Psychologist to have access to records of previous offending behaviour (eg Police National Computer/Offender Management data) and is often associated with providing an assessment of the probability of the behaviour occurring again, increasing in severity or strategies that could assist in reducing the likelihood of this happening. Sometimes forensic assessments are required to assist the Courts, Police or Offender Management services in undertaking interviews or particular work with individuals and this can be linked to both victims of crimes and offenders themselves. This work is often undertaken by Forensic Psychologists but many Clinical Psychologists also have a range of skills in this area.

Learning disability

Learning Disability refers to a life-long condition in which individuals have a significant impairment in their thinking and reasoning abilities alongside a significant impairment in the adaptive and social behaviour. As such this requires the administration of standardized tests of intellectual ability (more typically referred to as 'Cognitive Functioning') along with memory and social functioning. These are tests that have been carefully researched and designed over many years and provide a score that can be compared to a peer group. Services designed to support children and adults with learning disabilities have to provide bespoke specialised input to accomodate the needs of these individuals and the Phoenix Psychology Group has a long standing history of working in this way.


An Employee Assistance Programme is a framework provided by an employer to respond to psychological and emotional difficulties experienced by their employees or members of their immediate families. Typically this involves the provision of an easy-access route to Psychology or Psychological Therapy with regard to particular difficulties that might affect the employees' ability to perform their work duties; however, this is not exclusive and some EAP's provide support to employees and their families with regard to problems that may have an adverse effect on general wellbeing.