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Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist Services

The following menus will help guide you around the support you require. If you cannot see what you are looking for, or you need further help and guidance, please contact our team on 0845 838 0952.

Knowledge and expertise

Phoenix Psychology Group has specialist knowledge and expertise in supporting parents, professionals and individuals regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our professional team will provide you with the guidance you need to make the right decisions regarding difficulties you may be experiencing and help you understand how to access the right assessments and support within a timeframe that suits you. Transparent costings, flexible appointments available at a choice of venue and collaboration with other services and professionals as required enables us to create a bespoke service in line with your needs.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is the term frequently used to refer to the group of disorders included under the general heading of the Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) and the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5). Autism Spectrum Disorder is the medical diagnosis, however, additional descriptions or ‘presentations’ are used to guide parents and professionals about how best to understand an individual’s Autism Spectrum Disorder (e.g. presentations of Asperger’s Syndrome, Pathological Demand Avoidance).

Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterised by the ‘triad of impairment’ (difficulties in 3 main areas of development); ‘social communication’, ‘social interaction’ and ‘repetition/rigidity/inflexibility’.

Some people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder also have global learning difficulties (across all areas of intellectual functioning) or specific learning difficulties (one area of difficulty e.g. Dyslexia). Some individuals have developmental difficulties associated with an Autism Spectrum Disorder; Sensory Development (e.g. Sensory Processing Disorder) and Motor Development (e.g. Dyspraxia). A comprehensive assessment will ensure that the right diagnosis or diagnoses are made. There can be other conditions or disorders (e.g. developmental trauma) that can present similarly to Autism Spectrum Disorder and a full assessment will ensure the right diagnosis is made.

We strive to make our assessments compatible with the latest guidance set out in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) ( and the UK National Autism Plan for Children (available via

Initial Telephone Consultation:

“Someone has suggested that my child might have a difficulty requiring assessment. I don’t really know what to do next”

Please telephone our offices to talk to a member of the team about what assessment you might need. Initial telephone enquiries are taken by a member of the administration team. During this conversation it might become clear that you need to speak directly with a clinician specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions. The Administrator can arrange for a call back from a clinician. A telephone conversation with a clinician will be brief in order not to pass on any charges to you, however, feedback from parents has told us that this initial point of contact with a clinician helps parents to feel reassured and relieved at a time when parents may be feeling anxious and uncertain.

Screening Consultation:

Child: “I think my child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder but I don’t know enough about this to know what to do next”, or “Someone has mentioned Autism Spectrum Disorder in relation to my child but I don’t know what to do next”

Adult: “I am a person who might have an ASD and I want to find out more about what this means”.

  • 1 -1.5 hour consultation with a Clinical Psychologist to discuss concerns and difficulties, to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder and whether to proceed with a full assessment.
  • Summary report produced with recommendations

Cost: £200

Full Assessment Child:

“I think my child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I need an assessment that can lead to diagnosis if appropriate.”

Parent feedback has helped us to understand that parents want a bespoke package of assessment that can be built around the specific needs of their child. For some parents they may wish to bring their child to a half day assessment where all necessary assessment components are completed in one go. For some parents they prefer to attend appointments at different times over a few weeks.

The components of an assessment include:

  • Parent consultation including completion of your child’s Developmental History and questionnaires
  • Liaison with your child’s school via questionnaires & telephone consultation (typically with SENCo-Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
  • An observation of your child in school (typically for pre-school and primary aged only) and liaison with class teacher
  • Speech and Language Assessment –typically using the CELF (Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals); typically for pre-school and primary aged only –to help determine if the language difficulties are part of social communication or part of a language delay or disorder#
  • Intelligence and sensory assessment (if appropriate)
  • Administration of a bespoke play based assessment* with your child
  • Comprehensive assessment report and recommendations

*We are currently working towards formalising this assessment with use of the ADOS-Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule

#We are currently co-ordinating this assessment from our contacts in Speech and Language Services, however this component can be sourced directly and/or via the NHS (CAMHS) - which have no fee but is likely to incur a waiting list

Full Assessment Adult:

“I am a person who might have an ASD and I want a full assessment which might lead to diagnosis.”

  • Ideally you will have a parent or family relation who is able to provide a history of your development including significant milestones
  • Ideally you will have a contact such as school, college, workplace, who can be liaised with (alternatively you may have access to educational reports)
  • Administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)
  • Intelligence, communication and / or sensory assessments (if appropriate)
  • Comprehensive assessment report and recommendations

Typical costs for a full assessment are in the region of £750. Costs may differ depending on how many elements of the assessment are necessary, the age of the person being assessed, and whether we can pass on any cost savings to you. The more complex the presentation means the more components are necessary for assessment – you will be given a breakdown of costs and kept informed each step of the way as to which components are required so that the total cost is known and consented to in advance.

Post diagnosis support for families:

Whether you have gained a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder from our service or from elsewhere, you may want to gain support around the following areas:

  • Understanding the diagnosis
  • Behaviour management and why typical 'supernanny' strategies don’t work
  • Using Reward systems
  • Understanding education support systems including the statementing process
  • Transitions including from primary to secondary school
  • Workplace education and support
  • Helping siblings and wider family members to understand the diagnosis
  • Managing the impact of a diagnosis on family members
  • Helping partners and children understand the diagnosis in adults
  • Emotional regulation and containment
  • Learning how to use Autism Spectrum Disorder strategies e.g. social stories
  • Direct sessions with child with Autism Spectrum Disorder e.g. lego therapy, social stories, social use of language, social skills training, emotional regulation work-managing anger and anxiety.
  • Direct therapy sessions with adult

Sessions are charged at £100 per session. Sessions are up to 1 hour. Some sessions can be run jointly with other parents / families so you can share the cost - please let us know whether you would be interested in this so we can match people who wish to share costs.

For more information please contact us today.